Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What's Red, White, and Rolls?

My New Favorite Studio Accessory! Happy Independence Week everyone! I spend a lot of time in the studio and am always on the hunt for better taborets.  Which is just a fancy artist term for some kind of rolling stand, utility cart, or table you set up by your ease to hold your palette, brushes, etc. 

Over the years, in my quest for the perfect easel sidekick, I’ve tried everything from the dining room table, an old drafting table, a microwave/kitchen cart, a small Target folding side table, and a stout silver vintage metal cabinet reminiscent of R2D2 that was affectionately known as “The Robot.”

My most recent taboret was a rolling vintage black metal typewriter (remember those?) table just like this one that I um “rescued” from an alley.  You can often find a variety of vintage of rolling carts online. Here's some examples of rolling carts on Pinterest that could easily work as taborets.

Of course you can also find a variety of fine art taborets on line like this “Rolls Royce” of custom made wood taborets which cost more than (and is almost as as my large as) my old VW Rabbit. 
While I was dreaming about this $3,000 taboret a few weeks ago I spotted a bright cadmium red  tool cart in Better Homes and Garden. The cart had been repurposed as an attractive beverage cart for decks, summer parties, etc.  Then I realized that this shiny cart would be a perfect new taboret. 
Luckily the cart was available at Harbor Freight (also available online) but we had a store not too far so I was able to buy in person.  And did I mention the cart’s on sale for under $75?

Once assembled (it does require a socket wrench set which I had to borrow) I was in taboret heaven. As you can see the tool cart has sturdy locking wheels, a roomy locking drawer (to help keep your sable brushes and that new tube of cobalt violet safe), additional storage on the open bottom shelf, and plenty of room for my covered palette holder and brushes on the top.  Plus the side handles make moving it a breeze. Ahh…I love it when things work make your artist life easier. Welcome to my new summer students and next time my 250th post! Stay tuned...

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