Saturday, September 19, 2015

Seeking Autumn Colors

"Rainbow Rooster" 8x10 oil on gessoboard--SOLD--Thank you!

Delicious autumn!

My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. George Eliot

Happy weekend everyone! Gorgeous early fall weather in Denver and having a wonderful time teaching two new painting classes in Denver at Blackridge ArtistsSchool (check out their fantastic "big names" workshop schedule) and Park Hill Art Club.

I also attended several art events this week which means I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at least 30 new artists! (Denver is an amazingly creative area!) Thank you again new and continuing students for your support and interest this fall!

Speaking of being "out and about" next Tues. morning on Sept. 22 I’ll be doing a demo at Blackridge of one of my favorite “layered” oil painting techniques which I employed in this colorful rooster daily painting today. That’s the “wet in wet” opaque pigments over the transparent block in. For more info about this demo please feel free to email me. I think I'll paint something with feathers...but we'll see!

This painting process may not sound that interesting on paper but it’s what creates the glowing color and often pleasant surprises.  It's a great match for florals and feathers! As many of you may know this is the approach used by artists such as Dreama Tolle Perry, Nancy Medina, Hedi  Moran, and Mary Maxam just to name a few. 

Thanks--Enjoy the rest of your weekend and all the deliciousness that is early autumn!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

All These Lovely Tokens

"Appeeling Orange" 6x8 oil on canvas panel--SOLD--Thank you!
By all these lovely tokens September days are here, 
With summer's best of weather And autumn's best of cheer. 
Helen Hunt Jackson

Happy September everyone! Little late in posting today for the “30 in 30” debut because I was at jury duty this AM (pretty good excuse right?) and then treated myself on a Tuesday to a delightful taco patio lunch with friends (it’s a gorgeous day!) but I’m back in the studio now. 

I love the back to school season! This month, I’m honored to be teaching 3 classes and taking at least 2 interesting workshops. I still have room in my Tuesday afternoon Colorful & Quick (Successful Daily Painting) class. Click here for more info. I’m also taking both an abstract workshop as well an oil painting workshop with artist Tim Horn

Tim Horn Landscape Painting
I’ve always been drawn to Californian paintings. That distinct glowing light always gives a strong but comforting déjà vu. So Tim’s work caught my eye right away. I feel very lucky Tim’s offering a workshop not far from my studio at the Blackridge Artist School.

As if September wasn’t busy enough (and again I couldn’t be more grateful for this) it also marks the beginning of Leslie Saeta's "30 in 30” painting challenge as many of you know. I’m sticking with color as my theme and posting an oil painting study of oranges (the color as well as the subject.)

As part of the challenge I'm also going to try to read an art book a day (OK maybe every few days). Today's book is LoriMcNee’s new book: Fine Art Tips. It features many contemporary painting masters (such as Denver’s own renowned Dan Sprick). If you like "step by step" painting approaches as well as some helpful business tips from Lori I’ll think you’ll enjoy this as well. Thanks everyone and to my fellow "30 in 30" artists have a great month of painting!