Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Fresh Summer Colors

"Totally Tomatoes" 8x10 oil on Gessoboard (SOLD)
In summer, the song sings itself. ~William Carlos Williams

Ahh...late July. It's that time of year in Denver when I enjoying do a lap in at my local park almost every day.  One of my seasonal art goals was to take breaks outside as often as possible and keep up my 10,000+ daily steps. (I've apparently walked the length of Italy so far--but without the likely pizza and gelato stops along the way.)

For taking reference photos (like this monarch butterfly below) I prefer visiting the park in early AM (if I can get going) or "golden hour" if it's not too warm. Yes, there's a lot of green out there but you can also find other vibrant colors such as lovely white egrets, blackbirds, gardens, sunsets, etc. And of course local farmer's markets are full of fresh color ideas. All will be welcome painting subjects when winter comes.

This month I'm teaching a really fun Wed. AM color class and also getting ready for 3 new fall group Denver painting classes: Wednesday mornings at Curtis Art Centers and  Thursday morning and afternoon at Park Hill Art Club (PHAC).
Monarch in red lily at Wash Park garden

For those of you interested in the Park Hill Class you do need to be a PHAC member but then you can take lots of great classes and workshops through the year. You can join here. Fall class registration will "live" on Tuesday, August 15. I like to give everyone a heads up because popular classes may fill up quickly.

Speaking of that a warm thanks to all my new painting students who "sold out" my color class this month at Curtis. I'm really enjoying the class and look forward to teaching a similar color theme when fall classes start there on Wed. Sept. 14.

And later this fall I'll be teaching an class specifically dedicated to one of my favorite "glowing color" oil painting techniques that is becoming very popular with online workshops. So be looking for more info on that. In the meantime, I hope you enjoying discovering "color surprises" in your world no matter what the season.