Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Colors Dazzle in the Desert

My Colorful Tucson Arizona Collage: Spring Break 2016

Happy June everyone! Thanks to my friends and followers for being patient while I took a “spring break” from just about everything but art and painting. In fact, the past couple of months were jam packed with non-stop exciting art events….

  • Drove to the Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE) as a first timer in beautiful Tucson
  • Taught a floral painting workshop
  • Took a floral painting class (yes I enjoy painting flowers!)
  • Taught 3 group classes a week until a few weeks ago
  • Painted over 50 daily paintings for two art market!

Thanks to all my art collectors too who purchased paintings at the Park Hill Art Club Spring Art Show as well as the Summer Art Market last weekend. It was a beautiful but plus 90 degree June weekend so I greatly appreciate if you came out to support the event and all the 250+ artists.  Thanks!

My photo collage today is my tribute to all the dazzling desert colors from Tucson. Truthfully, I didn’t get much time to paint at PACE but did take photos every day. Late April was the perfect time to enjoy bright desert blooms and spring wildlife. I even had a lovely view of the Catalina Mountains from my patio at the relaxing El Conquistador Resort. (FYI, next year PACE is another one of my favorite cities--San Diego!)
There's so much I could write about PACE--from the really cool "welcome goody bag" to dozens of amazing demos and art talks by artists I've previously only seen in books or magazines. As advertised, it's a jam packed agenda from breakfast to late night. There was even a nocturne painting session with PBS parks painter Stefan Baumann.  And of course every day at PACE you meet nice artists from all over the country--So a quick hello to any fellow PACE attendees!

As an art supply lover another highlight was shopping in the Expo hall--I bought some new Rosemary and Richeson brushes, some Shiva paint (which I can't get locally)and this handy easel brush clip. LOL--You can even see me rushing around the hall in a PACE video as I side step the camera crew!

It's good though to be be back home in the studio and have some these big events behind me so I can connect with all of you as well as enjoy summer in the Rockies. Happy summer painting everyone!