Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Creative Spring Break in the City

"Splashdown" 8x10 oil on archival panel

SOLD--thank you!

Before I took my “spring break” a few weeks ago to recharge my creative batteries I was thinking that spring was just around the corner…But I’m still eagerly awaiting the pale pink apple blossoms which mark the official start each year. 

I wish I could say I ran off with my paints to sunny Cabo--especially as I watch the tiny spring snow flakes fall outside the studio this morning. But I’m saving up for some May travel. So I decided to find as much positive creative energy as possible in my own neck of the woods. Here are a few things that have kept me busy (but in a good way), inspired, and ready to take my art to the next level...
Beautiful tiger at Denver Zoo
Photos , photos, photos…At the Zoo, at Rocky Mountain Arsenal (which is now a wildlife refuge), lots of parks and trails, etc. Today’s gull painting was a photo I took a few weeks ago at Washington Park where the ubiquitous waterfowl are some of the best wildlife models in the city year round.

Visited Denver Art Museum Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit.  You see so many O’Keeffe’s on posters, mugs, etc. that’s it’s always fascinating to see her art in person. This simple but powerful turkey feather and horseshoe painting was one of my favorites.
Traded my paint splattered apron for black sequins to attend the Art and Soul event--Wonderful to see hundreds of people attended a fundraising event in support of the arts and local artists. Thanks Denver!

Tried out some new art supplies—including Lefranc et Bourgeois titanium white—Used in the gull today and loved it--It's like French vanilla butter cream frosting...

Went to the movies (not just a DVD), enjoyed a "real" sit down lunch (amazing cheddar soup at Ghost Bar--thanks George--and yes it's haunted),  took my first bike ride of the year, had my eyes checked (super important fellow artists!), re-read some of my favorite art books, shopped for "non black" spring clothes and ended up with black capris (ladies you know how that goes). Most importantly I actually feel like I'm ready to paint with a refreshed vision and "cleaner" energy...It's good to be back!

P.S. Spring always brings new students so I want to welcome you all and thank my ongoing students who have also been at the mercy of this crazy spring weather!