Monday, February 15, 2010

Polar Bear Express

Happy Monday everyone! In my continuing theme of honoring beautiful Canada and the Winter Olympics this week, I thought I'd post a water color study of a polar bear from our Denver Zoo a few years back.  I just love their sloping bodies and heads. If you enjoy painting animals and wildlife like I do but only have cat or dog "super models" at home, it goes without saying that zoos can be a helpful resource for artists. 

I recall that day I also ended up with an interesting giraffe and elephant sketch as well.  I took a ton of reference photos and while it's a bit tricky because the animals are often behind glass or partially hidden, it was still fun to paint subjects that one wouldn't normally paint in the studio. Plus it's great practice for painting a variety of textures like fur, scales, etc.  

Looking for more animal sketching ideas? Here are just a few interesting examples I found from art blogs about zoo sketching and drawings from the zoo.  

For more information about my watercolor, acrylic, or oil painting classes, please drop me a note at the studio email in my blog header.  Have a great week all--happy painting and enjoy the Olympics!

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