Saturday, November 13, 2010

Juicy Trio

Happy fall Saturday everyone! First, thanks again to the Denver Art Club who invited me to demo this morning. It was an honor to meet all of you and I had a wonderful time sharing some watercolor tips. For those of you who've tried to paint and talk at the same time you know that can be a bit tricky, especially after a grande Starbucks mocha, but I hope I did OK. Thank you again for the warm welcome!  

Earlier this week, inspired by the Van Gogh master copy, I decided to paint a quick, relatively high key, impasto oil study of three green sunlit apples. (If you take a lot of photos like I try to, but don't necessarily find the perfect painting subjects, try adjusting the value key considerably up or down, you may be much happier with the result.) 

On another note, I just received my my first "front load" frames from King of Frame and am very pleased with the quality and value. I love the warm antiqued black finish with the metallic liner. (FYI, I could not easily locate the "front load" frames on the website but just asked for them on the phone.)  I can see why so many artists use them--they're the perfect match for the 6 by 6 oil on panel paintings.

Finally, for all my fellow Colorado artists, did you see this online ranking of Who collects art? If someone had asked me I probably would have guessed New York, L.A. or maybe San Francisco. But am thrilled to see Denver was the top market, followed by the Springs/Pueblo, with Portland, San Francisco, and Atlanta rounding out the top 5.  Now, the study doesn't include a lot of details, but as an artist I think it's great to see any good art news about your town. So on that positive note, I'm heading back to studio. Enjoy your weekend and happy painting!   

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