Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ribbons of the Rainbow

Today's Painting  
He hath ribbons of an the colours i' the rainbow--Winter's Tale, Act 4, Scene 4. This acrylic and oil abstract on gallery wrap canvas was inspired quite simply (or perhaps not!) by color. I wanted to play with aligning prismatic sections in a kind of woven painting. I was also thinking about colored ladders and steps while painting this as well as peacocks! The first step was pouring and dotting some fluid acrylics and then working with those patterns in the second layer in oils.

My New Studio Logo
Did you know that owls are found on every continent except Antarctica? After an super tough decision reviewing over 100 designs (from designers from all over the world) on Logo Tournament for my new logo, I'm thrilled to debut my new Scarlet Owl Studio logo. I wanted a logo that was natural but also contemporary. And of course it had to include a bright red owl!  Thanks designer "Klauts" who hails from Romania for an amazing job! And thanks to my friends and family who helped vote.

If you want to create your own art logo, my tip is to gather lots of examples online of logos you like (and those you do not) to help provide your design team with really clear visual direction. 
Summer Brings Art
Like many painters I'd rather be painting than doing administrative work but if want to get your work out there, it's part of the "job." As any of you know if you have ever prepared a tent or gallery show or even a corporate trade show booth--whew, exciting but exhausting. Speaking of festivals, if you are in the Denver area for Memorial Weekend be sure to check out the Downtown Denver Arts Festival.  I passed on this for the Summer Art Market, but it's a great festival with a wide variety of beautiful art and fine crafts.

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