Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wind in the Willows

"Wash Park Willow" 8x8 oil on linen
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February is flying by. Lots of teaching, consulting (yes my left brain is still hanging in there), and taking workshops. So thank you students and clients for keeping me busy and on my toes! But I can't help but miss some of my “paint what I want to paint” studio time that I think all artists crave. I did have a chance to paint this small oil study of one of the willows in Washington Park by my house. I took this photo last August.

In this painting, I’m continuing to work with the transparent pigments first layer and then working into them with more opaque pigments. I haven’t mastered this quite yet but I absolutely love it. Speaking of workshops I’m really looking forward to starting Kevin Weckbach’s master oil painting class next week. This 6 month (yes, half a year!) class (and approach) has been recommended to me by some of the best painters I know. I look forward to sharing what I learn.

Reading this Week in the Studio: Traditional Oil Painting by Virgil Elliot
Thanks to a student who lent me this very detailed and informative book on classical oil painting. While I don’t usually paint in a “traditional” oil painting style, like many painters I can’t help but be fascinated by the techniques and materials of Master’s like Vermeer and Rembrandt. I always enjoy learning more about pigments, mediums, and other materials and Mr. Elliot discusses these at length. If you’re an artist who’s always been curious about the “fat over lean” oil painting mantra, for example, this book is for you. The reproduction quality (essential for a good art book) is also excellent.   

As I mentioned in a few posts ago, I was sad to see TeachStreet close but you can now find me (and other teachers) on Betterfly and Skillshare. If you know of another TeachStreet alternative for class listings, particularly for art, please email, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderfully creative week!

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