Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 Postcards from Southwest Florida

No. 10: Crescent Beach Shells--I never get tired of shells!
Have you ever noticed if you paint how you start to crave and seek out color? So this time of year at home, like many artists, I’m often drawn to beachy or tropical destinations when I do leave the studio. Looking for sunny workshop? At you can search for workshops by locale.
No. 9: Early AM skimmer parade on Crescent Beach--love the 2 color beaks!
No. 8 A Rainbow Sherbert Array of Boats at the Rose Marina
Near water you’ll find a full spectrum of subject matter : Sunsets, boats, waves, shoreline, fish, reflections, umbrellas, lighthouses, beach goers, etc. Given that here are my Top 10 favorite pics from trip last week to the Naples, Marco Island, and Key West in Southwest Florida. I can't wait to start working on some Florida inspired paintings in the meantime...Wish you were there!

No.7: My first manatee (near Goodland)--not easy to find and photo but so exciting!
No. 6: Everglades gator--taken with my zoom of course.
No.5: One of the famous (and sleepy) 6 toed Hemingway cats on Key West

Boats are also a rare site in a land locked state where I live so harbors are one of my favorite places to take pictures on trips. It's no wonder so many artists love to paint boats and their reflections.
No. 4: Gorgeous red yacht in Marco Island Marina 
No pink flamingos but I did see many striking shore and seabirds including this great blue heron and a white ibis.

No. 3: Boldly plumed heron in the Everglades

No: 2: Wonderful bright red bill and fee on this pretty white ibis on Marco Island

Burrowing owls are endangered here in Colorado and I've never seen one. Since owls are my favorite bird it was a special treat to spot a few in an open lot (in a roped off protected area) on Marco Island. Unlike most owls burrowing owls are active during the day. Which of course is great for photo opportunities.
No. 1: Florida Burrowing Owl--love the intense yellow eyes. 

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