Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Challenge Day 4: Giving Thanks with A Rose

"Leslie's Rose" 5x7 oil on panel
Challenge Day 4. Keeping today’s post short and sweet so I can get back to the easel.

First, I want to thank Leslie again for hosting the challenge thus my painting title today. I know many of you also enjoy the AHA show as I do.  And if you do, you know Leslie and her co-hosts are always promoting giving back to the art community.

So in the spirit of AHA, I’m going to give away this rose (does that sound like something they say on The Bachelor??) to an artist who posts today in the challenge. (At the end of the day, I’ll go to and draw a number.) I'll announce the winner tomorrow!

My quick tip today:  I think pinks (like some greens) can be a tricky color range. I like to try to look for and really push the whole range from  warms and cools—so from almost peachy into the cooler lavenders. Find this can help whatever the subject read pinkish, but not too pink.

So good luck, post your painting today join the challenge (it’s not too late) and enjoy your painting time today!


  1. The colors are fantastic! :D

  2. Good advice to beginners and seasoned artists. As an artist who has been a student all her life, this is a jewel, both the advice and the rose. Trying to paint an ellipse today just stressed me out to no end, but I went ahead and posted my effort. Love all your work.

  3. Beautiful work Scarlet! Good luck also with the!e rest of the challenge!

  4. Thank you very much Pati, Phyllis, and Helen--I greatly appreciate the time you took to visit and comment. Hope you are all enjoying the painting challenge and I wish you all a very successful fall season!

  5. I like your painting style and blog post information Scarlet. You and your work are lovely. Glad I found you!