Sunday, November 17, 2013

Flying High with YUPO + Birds!

"Groovy Bird" watercolor and gouache on YUPO (9x12)--collection artist
I had a fantastic Saturday yesterday thanks to all the creative artists who attended my YUPO/bird painting workshop. Thank you again to the Heritage Fine Arts Guild for inviting me to share my passion for YUPO painting -as well as birds! A perfect painting match IMHO!

Much like my YUPO painting above, the workshop artists began with an abstract background using watercolors to which we added texture (stamping, stencils, lifting, salt, etc.). Many of the artists then worked their bird painting into their abstract painting. (I plan to post a step by step demo on this technique soon.)

Artist Sue rolled black gouache around her rooster shape--Love the colors and texture!
How sweet is this colorful hummingbird??
Beatrice working on her lovely snowy cardinal.
Since YUPO is "erasable" your subject can be developed using a positive or negative approach which yields really cool and unique effects. At the end of workshop we had at least 20 great paintings to show for our hard work. I wish I could post every one but here are just a few of the inspirational paintings that took flight! Awesome work ladies!
Great example of abstract with representational component. 

Anita added colorful leaf printing (from real ones) to her vibrant rooster--which looks great on YUPO!
A lovely jay on a really high energy background.
A gorgeous owl in progress--love all the color splatter!
Beautiful cool colors in Amber's abstract and texture painting.
My sincere thanks again ladies (guys you'd enjoy YUPO too!) for sharing your creative time with me on a Saturday!! I know your paintings will help to inspire other artists (as they did me) to give YUPO a try (or another chance!) the next time you want to "play" or just re-energize!


  1. It energizes me just by looking at these amazing paintings. Love the colors and movement. You are a really good teacher.
    The strong negative areas add so much to the design/impact. I have to try this Yuppo paper.

  2. Thanks so much for the nice comment Julie. Really glad you enjoyed the student paintings. Was very lucky to have some really enthusiastic and bold students in my workshop--It really made for an enjoyable art day! I think you'd have a blast on the YUPO--so look forward to seeing your painting soon! :) Cheers, Aimee

  3. Scarlet Owl - hopped over here from Julie Ford Oliver's blog - wow - loved these Yupo paintings...I especially love birds and so enjoyed my visit. Thanks for sharing. I will be stopping back to visit again soon.

  4. Hi Debbie--and welcome! On behalf of my YUPO students thanks very much. That was so nice of Julie to include a link for her followers. Everyone be sure to visit Julie she has a terrific art blog, beautiful art, and a really great "how to" video on DPW for her beautiful oil painting technique.