Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Painting the Light: Tim Horn Workshop Review

"Light Gray Steps" horse painting 8x10 oil on gesso board--SOLD--Thank you!

Happy October! In the past 2 months, I "invested in me" and took 3 wonderful painting workshops here in Denver at Blackridge Artists School (where I currently offer a Tues. morning open studio class).

Quick shout out to all the artists I met at the workshops who took time to offer support, kind comments and much inspiration! Hope to cross painting paths with you in the future.

But with nine intensive days of learning and painting as well as teaching my own classes (thanks fall students!) I’m running a little behind posting. In no way does this reflect my enthusiasm for the workshops and my eagerness to share them with you.

Known for his rosy golden California landscapes Tim Horn’s fantastic 3 day workshop focused on seeing and painting light and shadow. I loved Tim’s straightforward exercises such as black/white notan sketches which helped to simplify and organize busy landscapes (buildings, cars, boats, telephone poles, etc.). FYI, here's an excellent article by Tim about Sketching for Painting.
Tim demonstrates an example of a light and shadow notan from his photo reference.
Exercise: Small light and shadow studies--super helpful!
Close up of Tim's light and shadow thumbnail example (note the warm peachy tone)
Tim also had the class study and paint the effects of sunlight using colored blocks which you can see here. An excellent exercise to try if you're new to outdoor painting! Notice how much these blocks resemble the planes of a building...
Colored blocks on sunlit table to help study light shadow planes
Tim blocking in shadow shapes of blocks (note his colors are on side panel away from mixing area)
 find one of the benefits of a decisive "yes/no" light/shadow approach is the painting often falls into place after you block in your cooler dark shadow shapes. Then the warmer thicker light passages act as the icing on the cake or canvas if you will.

Tim shares his sketch book (he likes Moleskine and a Monolith 4B pencil)
You can see (hopefully) my application of this exciting approach in my horse painting today. (Thanks Miss Jenny for letting me take pics of your lovely horse.) Before we ventured outdoors Tim had us work on simple limited palette mini landscapes (above) as well as a larger light and shadow practice painting which you can see here. 
My 9x12 light and shadow exercise from Tim's photo of a Maine harbor.
Tim painting a bungalow across the street late PM Day 1

Here are some more workshop pics including Tim's informative and enjoyable demos--even when the light didn't quite cooperate or someone drove off in the car Tim was painting!

Tim starts another demo on Day 2 with simple big shapes
The workshop class enjoying Tim's demo--even though it was a little overcast.
Who knew a garage and an an alley could make such a nice painting?
Thanks again Tim for visiting Denver and for such an informative and enjoyable workshop. I'm already reaping rewards back in the studio. Next up: Painting with Peggi! In the meantime happy fall painting!

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