Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tinsel Town Abstract

Happy Tuesday! Inspired by the sparkling snow over the weekend, I wanted to create a whimsical abstract that might also be interpreted as hanging glass holiday ornaments and tinsel. I painted this with oils on a tinted canvas using a brush and a knife for a variety of textures.

In this type of "high-key" abstract, I love to push the boundaries of colorful whites and neutrals in where in contrast the touches of pure pigment really pop.

Many thanks to all my awesome students--It's been a joy meeting all of you and I look forward to creating some great paintings this winter. For more information about my classes in Denver please write to me at ScarletOwl@hotmail.com or visit my TeachStreet page.

"TinselTown" 18 x 18 oil on canvas board, available, please write to me at ScarletOwl@hotmail.com for pricing info

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