Wednesday, November 25, 2009

True Companion

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Or as we fondly call it at our house, Zeke Day...

Many years ago on this day, I was working downtown...It was cold and miserable unlike the sunshine today. After taking a late lunch, I was headed back to the office spotted a mobile pet adoption center in one of the empty office buildings. Looking for any excuse to get out of the rain, I thought I'd just pop in to look at the puppies or kittens. But it was late afternoon and the staff said they only had one pet left, an older cat, so I turned to go.

Suddenly a man called after me, "He would love a home for Thanksgiving." Now, I was not looking for another cat, especially an older one. But something made me pause.

"Oh, I don't need a cat....What's he look like?" I asked stalling.

"He's a beautiful blue gray," they responded. "Well go get him. His owner said his name's Ezekiel--but he's more of a Zeke." Before I could object the next thing I knew they were bringing out the biggest, most plush gray cat I'd ever seen. I had always wanted a gray cat, but who would abandon such a healthy, handsome pet? I was suspicious...

The volunteers assured me though he was was of the friendliest cats they'd ever seen. As if to demonstrate, when they set Zeke down he immediately jumped into my arms and well, hugged me. It's a bit of a blur after that, but the next thing I knew I was riding back to the office on the shuttle bus gripping my big adoption box with my mittens.

The next day Zeke was showered with turkey and quickly made himself at home. (I like to think the turkey was only a part of his devotion.) Because he was an older cat, his time with us was much too short and he is often missed, but I will always be glad that one Thanksgiving Eve I stopped long enough to find my true companion, studio muse and model.

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