Friday, March 26, 2010

It's a Dog Day Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I always love posting my student's work when they are nice enough to let me do so. This fabulous and heart-warming pet portrait is courtesy of one my highly talented watercolor students, Shawn M.  He was kind enough to let me share his dachshund watercolor painting with everyone today. Shawn is quickly gaining quite the reputation among his friends and family as a pet portrait artist! 

Animals and pets will always be my favorite subject matter, but for those of you who also paint beloved animal companions know just how emotional and challenging it can be. You really want to capture each pet's unique charm and personality (especially for their proud parents) as Shawn has done so wonderfully here. FYI, for my watercolor fans, Shawn painted this on his CP 140lb Arches Block using a limited color palette of warm and cool neutrals which I think really helps to keep the focus on this lovely dog's face.
Another challenge I find painting animals and pets is fur. Fur is a particularly interesting texture to paint, but can also be a challenge. The other day I saw some quick tips for painting black fur for those of you interested in painting black dogs or cats. And here's a step by step oil pastel demo of a lovely, furry Himalayan cat.

Also, for more dog paintings, check out the William Secord Gallery in NYC--they specialize in wonderful 19th Century dog and animal paintings.  If I ever have my own gallery, I would love to have an all animal gallery. And for more contemporary dog paintings and animal painting inspiration, see the Daily Painters variety of dog painters on their blog.

Friday PM is my personal studio time so it's time to go but I want to wish everyone a wonderful and creative 
spring weekend. Looking for a fun and relaxing painting class this sprint? I'd love to work with you. For more info, please visit me on TeachStreet (search ScarletOwl) or see my new listing on The Arts Map or feel free to email me anytime. 

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