Saturday, March 20, 2010

Springtime in the Studio

Spring officially starts in about an hour in our time zone and in honor of that I'm posting one of my favorite collage paintings--an abstract floral painting of tulips. Because flowers are such a common subject for painters I'm always looking for new and interesting ways to paint them.

If you enjoy florals, especially those in the tradition of the Dutch master painters, in this month's art collector I spotted the amazingly detailed paintings of artist Marc Dennis.

For this particular painting, I gessoed an illustration board and then painted an underpainting using acrylics (a mixture of Golden Fluid Acrylics and opaque white acrylic). Quick tip for painting on illustration board: Wax all the edges with an old candle or white crayon to help keep the board waterproof.

Then I placed a high quality collage tissue paper  (white) over areas where I wanted more dimension and then painted over the tissue. I finished with some negative painting in the background around some of the flower forms.  It's a great technique to try if you are looking to add some more texture into your acrylic paintings.

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As always, I want to give kudos and thanks to all my wonderful students. I know many of you were beginners when you started and you are all blossoming, if you'll excuse the seasonal pun, into wonderful artists. I'm so proud of all of you! And welcome new students as well, I look forward to working with you this season and for many weeks to come. For more info about my classes in watercolor, oil, or acrylic painting please drop me a line at the studio email in the header or visit me on TeachStreet

Happy Spring painting everyone!

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