Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chromatastic Camellias

Matisse once advised: Seek the strongest color effect possible.. The content is of no importance.
This week one of my highest energy watercolor students Janet (who is also some 80 years young) wanted to play with one of my favorite watercolor techniques--a contour oil pastel drawing combined with saturated bold, wet in water watercolor painting. This technique works for florals, abstracts, figures, still lifes--any subject matter really.

Janet's inspiration was two pictures of mostly white camellia blossoms (one close up and some in a vase). For those of you who might think watercolor can't pack a color punch, take a look at Janet's amazing interpretation. No color fear as you can see. Don't you love shapes (notice how she varies them for interest) and her super saturated yellows, greens, oranges, and reds? I think Matisse would be proud.

For those you interested Janet used a convenient and affordable 12 color Yarka watercolors pan set, which I saw online for an amazing under $5 price at Dick Blick.  I've not tried the Yarka line myself, but Janet tells me she enjoys how long they last and how bright the colors stay. Plus she doesn't have to fuss with those pesky tiny tubes and caps. Her paper here is Arches 140 RP.  

Taking the evening off for some Wii bowling (yes, I'm pro level), but back in the studio tomorrow...Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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