Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year!

"Eleven Eleven"
20 x 24 oil on panel
I hope everyone enjoyed a happy and creative holiday season. It was nice to take a painting break, spend time with my family, do some shopping, etc. but I'm thrilled to back in the studio painting, reading my new art books, and working with my students this week.

Before I look ahead to 2011, I want to send a sincere thanks out to all my art supporters last year including my friends and family, of course, but most of all my students. I can't believe only a year ago I did not know many of you and today I have an almost a full teaching calendar. I'm honored to work with all of you and watch you grow. 

Everyday you inspire and motivate me with your variety of fun and challenging subject matter--from napping bulldogs to towering Masai warriors!  But I also enjoy our exchange of art information whether it's a favorite book, new art tool, great website, etc. Students really help expand my own art knowledge well beyond the studio and so again, I thank you all!

In fact, today's painting (which is still wet and not quite done, but almost) was in part inspired by three of my talented oil students (thanks Dallas, Mike and Deb S.) who love oil painting, particularly landscapes, as much as I do. I met lots of new faces and am so excited to continue to work with you in  2011.

Speaking of landscapes, today's artist to check out (sent to me by one of my students--thanks Dallas) is contemporary British painter James Naughton. On a recent snowy day, I watched a remake of Wuthering Heights and was immediately reminded of these sweeping and haunting landscapes. 

While today's "favorite art tool" comes from Ron, one of my watercolor students. I noticed while he had a wealth of very nice supplies, he tended (as we often do) to favor a particular black and red round brush for most of his work. It's a wonderful (and very reasonable) synthetic brush--the Loew Cornell Ultra Round Series 7020. I ordered and tried the #12 over the holiday season and it's a treat to paint with.   

Finally, for those of you who paint small studies, you may want to try out this "Leslie and Dreama" Artist's Helping Artists special deal at King of Frame. As I've mentioned before, I love the front load floater frame for my 6x6 studies. I can't wait to meet the over dozen new students who are starting their lessons and have made painting and art a resolution for the upcoming year. See you soon in the studio!

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