Thursday, February 3, 2011

Palomino Moon

The snowfall and cold temps continue (as I think it does for many of us) so I'm starting to get a bit restless, but there are certainly worse places to be on a snowy day then in the studio enjoying my jazz station and painting ponies. As I've mentioned before, I've always loved horses and in particular colorful patterned horses such as paints, appaloosas, and palominos. Earlier this week, I had such a great time playing with layering acrylics (tube and fluid) on illustration board that I wanted to try another piece but this time with horses, rather than birds.

My original plan here was to keep the overall palette very subdued and monotone--I was going to use mostly blue and green grays with maybe a pop of warmer color. Perhaps I'll try that again. But this time best laid painting plans went out the window. I found myself continuing to intensify the colors using quin magenta, transparent red oxide, thalo blue, and even adding a hint of metallic copper. I used soft gel medium to add texture to the "cliff."  

On a bit  of a side color note, I came across a fun color site the other day Colorstrology which basically assigns a personal "color sign" to your birthdate. My birthday color in May is Green Tea and my color attributes are: Unusual, artistic, spiritual. Hmm, I guess most of my family and friends would agree with those. And I just realized my home office is painted a Behr color called "Green Tea"...Interesting. 

Thanks again to my students braved the chilly weather to come paint this week. As always I find your company and artwork a continued inspiration. Am thinking it's time to head to the kitchen and make something super spicy. Stay warm and paint happy everyone!    

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