Friday, March 25, 2011

Sharper Colors and Show Announcement

Happy Friday everyone! I'm posting a 8 x 10 study of a colorful cactus oil painting study--I really love the warm red violet and cool blue green color combination. I love painting nature's "defenses" such as thorns, needles, etc.

Speaking of red an green paintings, I'm thrilled to announce that just yesterday I received my acceptance into the Randy Higbee Gallery 6" Squared Exhibition and Sale. Yay! The Show starts on April 16 and runs through May 6th--if you are anywhere near Costa Mesa in beautiful Southern California be sure to stop by.  I'll be posting more info about the show as I learn more. Quick thanks to the Artists Helping Artists weekly podcast-I would have likely not heard about the show otherwise.
The painting they accepted was my little watermelon oil painting study on linen (Summer Slice) that I painted from life late last summer. If you paint, you know how exciting it is to think of your painting "out and about" in the world far away from your studio.

Also going on this week, for those of you who oil paint, I saw that for the next few days Cheap Joe's has Free Shipping on Williamsburg handmade oil paints. I've heard other painters recommend these these paints and have always wanted to try them. As a typically higher key painter, I'm always look for good whites (aren't we all?) so I thought I'd try the Willamsburg Titanium While. As soon as I get it, I'll post a review.

Finally, welcome to all my new March students--am so glad you are kicking off your Spring in a creative way! And as always, a giant thank you to all my loyal ongoing students! See you soon back in the studio.

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