Monday, July 9, 2012

Let's Just Wing It...

Washington Park Raven 8x8 oil on linen panel
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The worse my drawings were, the more beautiful did the originals appear.
John James Audubon

Painting lots of birds lately…I’ve read that focusing on birds, dreaming of birds, etc. may symbolize hope, intuition and freedom from boundaries and constraints.  I love the idea that specifically as artists birds could represent our personal quest for creative freedom and our boundless imaginations.  Birds and creativity seem to go hand in hand. We even say we are “spreading our wings” when we grow artistically or “leaving the nest” when we move on to new endeavors.

"High Key" Aspen Robin Study 8x8 oil on linen panel
"Negative Space" Robin Study 8x8 oil on linen panel
I've also been working on smaller paintings as a "first step" to a larger work so looking for a successful 8x8 that will translate well into a 24x24 or even larger. Trying to figure out how to make a 3 foot tall robin look natural and interesting...

Speaking of birds, I particularly enjoy casual birding around my older Denver city neighborhood. Unfortunately, I probably won’t spot too many exotic birds nearby (how I’d love to paint a colorful resplendent quetzal!) but I still enjoy painting robins, sparrows, crows, mallards, etc.

Want to see more bird inspired art and design? Check out my “Feathered Friends” board on Pinterest. Or just type “birds” (or your favorite bird) into the Pinterest home page search. Also here's a short "how to article" for painting small feathers in acrylic. Questions about my art or Denver based art classes please feel free to email in the studio. Happy painting (and bird watching)!

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