Tuesday, April 29, 2014

300 Reasons to Celebrate!

8x10 oil on panel "Black Steps" on hold for Summer Market
First over the weekend I saw two wonderful oil painting demos at Gallery 1261. Will post photos soon but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peak at the acclaimed Daniel Key's beautiful still life:
Daniel Keys Still Life Oil Demo at Gallery 1261
But today I wanted to acknowledge a very happy and proud landmark---my 300th blog post. More importantly, five years ago this summer that I took the “leap” into the creative wilderness. Technically, as you may guess given the timeframe, I was gently pushed like a cozy baby owlet out of my lofty coporate nest.

Like many professionals I faced some tough choices. Do I wait out the storm? Do I “fly” in a new direction? Get a law degree? (Yes that was on my list.) As I looked for guidance I saw many articles, books, posts about “finding your true passion.” Hmm. That’s an easy one.  Art and nature. But now what?
Welcome to the Scarlet Owl Studio! The answer: An artist. Of course!
I’m sure many entrepreneurs would agree that you can do some planning, research, etc. but ultimately the only way to test the waters is to jump in. So I took a big slice of my savings pie and built a studio onto my house. That led to me teaching and painting more. Some bumps along the way? Of course. As many of you know, the art biz is not always for the faint of heart.

But here I am five years later, blogging, teaching, painting and loving art (thanks to all of you) more than I ever did. So thank you all again! his has been a thrilling journey. What's next? What’s around the corner? I don't know but we'll find out together! P.S. Happy Birthday to all my fellow Taurus artists--I know there are many!
Finally--beautiful pink blossoms outside the studio!

P.P. S. To celebrate May and my 300th post I'm giving away a FREE fine art print OR phone cover (your choice) of any of my posted paintings. To enter please leave a comment during May 2014. Contest ends 5/31/2014. Random drawing June 1, 2014. Winner announced on my blog--Good luck!!

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