Friday, April 18, 2014

The Creative Balancing Act

"Blissfully Blue" iris oil painting study 8x8 

Happy Spring Friday everyone! Many thanks to all my spring students for keeping me busy and inspired this time of  year. As a creative professional I’m so lucky to be a part of your many new and interesting art projects every week! Thanks again to each of you. (Also, my next post will be my 300th! So stay tuned for some special for that.)

In fact every week I study dozens (if not hundreds) of painting and photo references. Some online, in books, and in person. So much stimulating "eye candy" can be overwhelming at times. Even worse, this excitement can lead to jumping ahead and be tempted by the "next amazing painting" before I've really given enough time to the one at hand.

As with many creative endeavors, I was thinking this week (as sunnier weather calls to me outside the studio window) balancing hard work/discipline with boundless creative energy will likely be something I'll deal with the rest of my artistic life.

So what helps? A set schedule. Sort term and long term goals are extremely motivating. Taking breaks. Keeping an idea folder. Staying positive even when we fall short of goals. The balance is  likely a different approach for each of us.
"Singing for Spring" redwing blackbird oil painting study (on hold for SAM)
This week my short term goal was to complete at least 2 paintings and I'm happy to say that I finished both this  this iris and blackbird painting. My thanks to DPW for selecting my “Blissfully Blue” iris as one of their daily Facebook picks. I also started a larger landscape. As a reward I did take a few breaks. So here at the end of the week I feel like I accomplished a lot at the easel but I also feel ready to paint again next week. In the meantime, wishing you a warm and colorful spring weekend!


  1. Your colors sing and make me feel an emotional response to these two paintings. I love the iris but the bird is a real stunner

  2. Wow--Thanks so much Julie--Looking forward to visiting your beautiful state for even more spring inspiration in the near future. Everyone be sure to check out Julie's paintings--they are gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful Iris! The colours just 'pop'out of the background !

  4. Thank you Helen--I appreciate the kudos all the way from Australia! Cheers and happy floral painting! Aimee