Friday, March 27, 2015

Mixing it up in the Studio

"Love Nest" 16 x 16 acrylic mixed media (on hold for Summer Art Market)
There are colors which cause each other to shine brilliantly, which form a couple which complete each other like man and woman. Vincent van Gogh

Van Gogh's birthday is this upcoming Monday (March 30) so that was my quote choice today. (Did you know you can read (or search) all of Van Gogh's letters archived online in this wonderful resource?)

Given his love of color, I think Vincent would approve of my painting goal this week. Which is 12 paintings each with a dominant color working around the color wheel. My initial plan was to go in chroma order but as you know a painting often takes you by surprise and so I let the main color emerge as I worked on it.
"Dream Tree" 16x16 acrylic mixed media (on hold for Summer Art Market)
"Bloom to Grow" 16x16 acrylic mixed media (on hold for Summer Art Market)
 My previous post was Green and Blue Green. Today I'm posting Yellow Orange (one that I really ended up loving), Violet, and Red (a strong hue so that was a challenge.)

Mixed media/acrylic paintings are perfect for this “exercise” because they dry quickly and are easy to change on the fly. It’s probably my favorite aspect of working with acrylics. FYI, most of my paintings from now until June will be available at the Summer Art Market: June 13 & 14. I like to have lots of inventory for SAM collectors who are so loyal to this wonderful event.

For more info about my Denver art classes or upcoming painting workshops please visit the Scarlet Owl Studio website.   Thanks and have a colorful spring week!

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