Monday, March 30, 2015

March Monday Magenta Madness

"Alphabet Rooster" 16x16 mixed media on canvas panel
I am seeking.
I am striving.
I am in it with all my heart.
Vincent van Gogh

Happy Monday (and van Gogh's birthday) everyone! My trip around the color wheel continues with red violet (or magenta) as my color inspiration this morning.

At first I thought the red-violet color (magenta was my favorite childhood Crayola crayon) would work well as a spring floral subject such as tulips but pretty quickly this colorful rooster emerged. 
They say if you like red-violet that you are balanced (it’s a cool and warm) and like to surround yourself with creative stimulation.

Every time I paint a rooster or chicken for an art show or festival they are good sellers too. So I always paint one for good luck. Painting the tail is my favorite part!

FYI, typically for my oil paintings I prefer linen canvas. But for mixed media paintings I recommend working on a harder flat panel especially if you don’t need a really large stretched canvas.  I think it’s much easier to “attack” with collage, layer, glaze, stamp, stencil, draw, scrape, spray, drip, splatter, etc.

If this process sounds hands on and physical—it is. It’s one of reasons I still enjoy working with mixed media from time to time —it’s a very energizing painting work out!  (P.S. I often stand for hours so an anti-fatigue mats really helps the feet, back, etc. You can find just about any size mat at Uline.)

On a supply note, I’ve been using flat canvas panels (such as a Fredrix) but a gesso panel (such as Ampersand) or heavy illustration board with a few coats of gesso would work great too. And thank you Vincent for your continued color inspiration!

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