Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Colors are Like a Box of Chocolates

"My Sunny Valentine" 8x8 oil on archival Ampersand baord

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and a special birthday shout out to anyone with a Val Day birthday like my Dad!

Ever since I’ve returned from the beach I’ve needed a “mid-winter” color pick me up.  So I treated myself to some fresh oil paints—which is almost as exciting as a box of dark chocolate.  Almost.
After shopping around online for a bit (budget: $100) and finding a “discount shipping” code I chose an special promo Daniel Smith Quinacridone oil paint set. The 11 juicy colors span the warmer side of the color wheel from the deep yellow orange Quin Gold (a rather hard to find pigment) to a new violet Quin Purple.

I like “quins” because they’re powerful, non-toxic, and highly transparent which means they mix cleanly and glaze well.  Quin Gold, Quin Rose, and Quin Magenta are some of my pet pigments for floral painting.  And I love using Quin Gold to mix interesting greens. (I tried the Quin Red in today’s sunflower painting.)

In my next post I’ll show you my results of a very challenging “limited brushstroke” painting exercise…Stay tuned.


  1. Thank you so much Karla--Your work is fantastic as well. Everyone be sure to check out Karla's gorgeous melon painting this week!

  2. Found you on Leslie's 30 day challenge - Love the color choices on this one! Fantastic work!
    ~ Happy Painting,

  3. Thank you Kellie--There are some beautiful paintings posted on every weekend on Thank you Leslie for allowing us to "show off" and connect with each other. Happy Painting Kellie~

  4. I love your colors in this fabulous painting.
    I enjoy the quinacridones too for their safety as well as colors. Trying to get away from the cads.

    Your comment moderation number screen is so bad I came back to "edit" to pass this handy info in. You can place ANY two numbers in that spot
    for it to work. It is the lettes you have to get right.

    1. Hey Julie--thanks so much. I with you on the quins vs cads! Thanks for letting me know about the number screen. Happy Painting from my studio to yours! P.S. Julie has a cool ArtByte on DPW so be sure to check it out!