Sunday, February 10, 2013

Part 2: The Happy Collector

"Winter Wings" 8x8 oil on linen panel

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 Collectors are happy people. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
In my previous post I shared a few tips and views regarding buying art online. Here are a few more thoughts to help you get started --or enrich with your existing art collection.

Tiny Treasures
Small affordable paintings are a great way to start collecting particularly if you’re not ready to invest or have the room for a larger piece. For one, they’re much less expensive to frame. You can also display petite paintings without a frame on bookshelves, mini easels, or picture ledges that you can find at places like Ikea. 

Flip through any chic interior design magazine and you’ll often see attractive groupings of paintings.  You could arrange them by theme, artist, media, style, etc. For example, I have still life paintings in my kitchen, landscapes in my guest bedroom, etc. Here are some additional tips from HGTV about creating your own gallery wall.

Follow Your Favorites
Like many artists, I keep a close eye on artists whose work I greatly admire. For a more significant art investment, I also try to see the work in person if it’s practical at galleries, festivals, museums, their studio, etc.  If you follow an artist long enough I think you’ll feel pretty comfortable when the right painting comes along and if the price point makes sense. 

Peace of Mind
Be sure to read the art description carefully—check the size, media, etc.  If you’re not sure if the painting is original be sure to ask.  Also look for a fair return policy (most artists offer some kind of return or exchange).  Most artists enjoy talking about their work so feel free to write if you have questions. (Note if the artist has a gallery agreement they may refer you there for the final purchase.)

Finally, whether you’re buying art to enhance your home or as an investment, I absolutely believe you’ll be happiest in the long run if you acquire art you love and the best original art you can afford.

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