Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Challenge Day 3: The Charm of the Season

"Orange Pearl" 8x10 oil on linen 

 Available at Framed Image Gallery

The charm of the season – and the day in particular – is to be found in the union of the two complementaries:  blue and orange. (Charles Burchfield)

Welcome back fellow challenge painters and followers!  My color goal today was to make the most of a complementary pair such as red/green, blue/orange, orange-yellow/blue-violet, etc.   
Color Wheel Courtesy Cornell University
Using the contrast of two opposite colors helps create a vibrant energy in a painting. Including complementary colors is also an effective way to call attention to a focal area.  

While I think all complementary color pairs work well, I find the blue/orange combo is a personal favorite (maybe some of my Denver Broncos pride is showing!). What's your favorite pair?

An obvious subject choice for a seasonal blue/orange combo (other than Peyton Manning) was pumpkins. I’m happy to announce that this little pumpkin (which was at my local South Pearl St. farmer's market) will be featured at the fall show at Framed Image Gallery in Denver which is now through October 31. 

P.S. Speaking of blue and orange, have you seen a blue lobster? They are apparently extremely rare but I’d love to paint one!

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