Friday, January 15, 2010

Drawing from Experience

Happy Friday Everyone! One of my New Year's art resolutions is to draw more often, but as a painter I have to remind myself how valuable and essential this skill can be.  I sometimes "make" my students draw crumpled paper or bags, here is one of my own studies:


One of my favorite designers is the iconic Milton Glaser (in fact one of the only framed poster I have in my home is his Night of the Snow Leopard for the New York Zoo which I posted above).  On Glaser's website is a wonderful "essay" addressing 10 Things He's Learned over the years.  A part of this talks about his belief (and I believe it to) that drawing is good for your brain. Glaser also says of drawing: 

Drawing also makes you attentive. It makes you pay attention to what you are looking at, which is not so easy.

Here's a wonderful short video of Glaser drawing Shakespeare.Tomorrow I'm off to see my former figure painting teacher Ron Hicks demo at Meininger's Art Store--am guessing it will be a packed house. So planning to get there early and then try not to buy too many art supplies at their sale...

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