Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Naturally Inspired

Over the weekend, I went to Jill Soukup oil painting demo at Saks Galleries in Cherry Creek, just north of where I live. I have always admired Jill's painting subject matter and style and it was a treat to see her paint in person.  She said she'd been working with a lot of secondaries--greens, violets, and oranges in her work and I thought that would be fun to try this week in a landscape.

Ms. Soukup worked on the beginning underpaitning of wonderful bison painting as well as the front of a local old church building.  I tend to be a bit impatient in the studio, so it was a helpful reminder to think more carefully and make each of my brush strokes important. She also uses some very large brushes (e.g., house painting width) which creates some fabulous "dragged" textures over her dry areas.  Another "technique" that I can't wait to try. 

Since for me it's still a bit chilly for plein air landscape painting, I was looking through my sketchbooks and found this watercolor  sketch from the summer which I thought would be perfect for testing some green, violet, and orange landscape approaches.

If your in the Denver area, be sure to check out the Heart Art Silent Auction Event on February 11. Have a great week everyone and students I'll see you in the studio!

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