Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tree in Progress

I don't often post an unfinished painting, but I have a confession to make--while I paint and teach as much as I can do have another "life" as something other than an artist that sometimes keeps me away from the studio.  This was a busy week and I'm already looking forward to some art "me time" this weekend. 

For example, I hope to finish this study of a mesquite tree I started a few weeks ago. I spotted this tree just outside the Desert Botanical Garden when I was in Scottsdale last fall. I'd never seen a mesquite tree and the bright green bark and overall shape is quite intriguing.

And in just a bit am headed off to a demo by one my favorite Denver painters, Jill Soukup at Saks Galleries Today. Because I also love to paint horses, I'm hoping she'll demo a horse painting. Better get going--have a great weekend!

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